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feather20pen20clipartThe “Softening” of Public Education in America

I have been involved in education in the US at various levels. I have seen the constant creep of political correctness, mediocrity, liberalism (in its many forms), and inefficient bureaucracy firsthand. Here is a brief article which describes that headlong slide. Thanks to Kairos Journal.

How could the supposed leaders in public education be so out of touch with the people of the United States? According to E. D. Hirsch, an outspoken critic on the quality of public education in America, public education is held captive to certain ideological elites whose theories have ultimately made “K-12 education . . . among the least effective in the developed world.”3 These educators promote “the very antifact, anti-rote-learning, antiverbal practices that have led to poor results. . .”4

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