Reading and Writing

Not Interested in Heaven

Thomas Boston, in a book first published in 1720, wrote that “The unregenerate would find fault with heaven on several accounts.” His “accounts” 5 and 6 read this way:

5. They would never like the employment of heaven, they

feather20pen20clipart care so little for it now. The business of saints there would be an intolerable burden to them, seeing it is not agreeable to their nature. To be taken up in beholding, admiring, and praising Him that sits on the throne, and the Lamb, would be work unsuitable, and therefore unsavory to the unredeemed soul.

6. They would find this fault with it, that the whole is of everlasting continuance. This would be a killing burden in it to them. How as now account the Sabbath day a burden, brook the celebration of an everlasting Sabbath in the heavens!

(Human Nature  in Its Fourfold State, p. 247-8.)

What do you think? Would heaven bore you? Overburden you? What is your concept of heaven?