Foreign and Domestic

Reading along in a fantasy book, uncommon reading for me, I came upon this declaration, “Paranor was taken from within.” I immediately recognized, not for the first time, the situation in which the United States of America stands. We are being assaulted from the inside by home-grown forces, aided and abetted by foreign elements. Their aim is nothing less than the dismantling of the republic which has been a light to the world since its founding.

Our nation has not always done the admirable thing.  We’ve had periods of turmoil and strife. Yet, we’ve remained the apple of the world’s eye, the desired destination for immigrants from all corners of the globe.

In 1962, I took a vow upon enlistment in the United States Navy, which includes the phrase, “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic….” The vow has not expired. There’s no time limit or qualifying phrases. I said what I meant, I still mean it.

I’m not a combat vet. I’m an aware American. Now, I’m getting old. I’m somewhat frail. But, I am as ready as ever to stand up for my family, my neighborhood, my community, my nation. And yes, I’m prepared.

You don’t need to be a veteran to recognize this call to stand up to the forces of evil. Be ready, friends and neighbors, Do not let them take what was so valiantly earned. Resist the forces of domestic terror and revolution. Resist politically. Resist rhetorically. If it comes down to it, resist physically.