Coram Deo Farm Weekend

A couple of weekends ago, Sandra and I spoke at a conference at a farm in Thorndike, Maine. At the Coram Deo Farm website we find this description of the mission of the farm:

Coram Deo Farm has been established to provide an educational environment for those interested in homesteading and sustainable farming practices. We plan to provide instruction in composting, renewable energy design and installation, husbandry, and organic farming and permaculture.

Our goal is to incorporate homesteading courses in a way that glorifies our creator by applying Biblical principles and theological thought to the practice of self sufficiency. In this process we hope to encourage a young generation of potential farmers to support themselves and be a gracious example among the community by offering a portion of their crops to individuals in need.

At this first weekend of events at the farm, I spoke three times on the topic: “Is God Green?” We talked about the history of “environmentalism,” some of the hot-button topics such as the “greenhouse effect,” global warming/cooling/climate change, and population. Then we addressed the Biblical view on the creation and its Creator and application of Biblical principles.

Of course, we concluded that God is Green.

IMG_0095 (1)

Some twenty-five to thirty adults attended the talks and many children were in attendance. Sandra spoke to a group of women on the topic: “Nurturing an Organic Lifestyle,” addressing the idea of developing a lifestyle of harmony from the inside out. She also introduced the ladies to her Old Testament friend, Naomi.

BTW, we slept in a tent.


A Political Aside

This post did not go up when I scheduled it. Maybe better late than never.

It has been a while since I posted a political piece. So, here we go. Before I began what will basically be a rant, let me ask you to:

pray that I’m wrong.

In the Bible book of Daniel chapter 5  we read of Belshazzar, King of Babylonia who was holding a big banquet. During the banquet he saw a human finger write a message on the wall. That message was mene, mene, tekel, parson.  Try as he might, Belshazzar could not find a wise man or astrologer who could interpret this. Then the queen suggested he call upon Daniel, a Jewish exile. Daniel interpreted the inscription. It was not positive. In fact, the king died that very night.

Well, I believe that the handwriting is on the wall for the upcoming presidential election in the U.S. I believe that I can interpret it – and it’s not good.

thI believe the election is over. It’s rigged and the winner is already determined. Consider this. There have been one caucus and one primary so far. On the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders has come out of the two events with a tie Decided by flipping a coin six times) and a decisive win. Yet he is very far behind in the delegate count. I haven’t even described the “coin-toss victory” of Hillary Clinton in Iowa. There were six tosses to decide the winner, and she won each of them. How likely is that? Well, according to one political blog,

We find that the percentage odds of correctly calling the outcome of 6 coin tosses exactly 6 times by chance is 1.56%, or rather, the odds are that this exact outcome will occur by chance just once in 64 opportunities.

Which is also to say that there was a 98.44% chance that this outcome would not occur by chance.

It seems fixed; rigged; settled. OK, so the Democrats, by means of “Super Delegates” choose Hillary to be their candidate. What of the general election? There is another party,  after all, isn’t there? The Democrat machine seems to have many tools in its arsenal to take care of that as well. Consider these factors:

  • The liberal Media (Is that redundant?)
  • Illegal voters (Illegal aliens, dead voters, and multiple ballot voters)
  • Democrat-dependent voters (Keep them fat and happy; give them a ride to the polls; give them a new phone and EBT card)
  • The Republican Party acting like the church (being divisive and shooting their wounded)

The Democrats are not going to leave this election up to the legitimate voters and the Supreme Court as they were forced to do in 2000 with the Bush-Gore race being decided by the justices. They cannot afford to be legit, especially with a Supreme Court seat likely to be waiting to be filled.

So, will the Democrat machine thwart God’s will? As the Apostle Paul was wont to answer to many a question (usually posed by himself), μει  γενοιτω. This is variously translated: “may it never be”, “God forbid,” and “No way.” Romans 13, verse 1 states, “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.” In 1 Peter 2, verses 13-15, we likewise read,

Be subject for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether it be to the emperor  as supreme,  or to governors as sent by him to punish those who do evil and to praise those who do good. For this is the will of God, that by doing good you should put to silence the ignorance of foolish people.

God institutes the authorities. Governors are sent by Him.

Be not fooled, friends. No matter how this election turns out, God is still in charge. He has a plan – and it may be time for punishment for the arrogant nation known as the United States of America.

I predict that Hillary has already won.


Kindle Version of Children in Church


CIC coverChildren in Church: Nurturing Hearts of Worship is currently available at the Amazon Kindle store for only $9.99.

Certainly I would appreciate you buying it, but I would also appreciate it if you would write a review at Amazon.

This book is not a “how to,” nor is it a polemic. It is an encouragement for families to bring their children into the worship experience of the church, with Scriptural foundation, practical tips, and many personal anecdotes.


Is God Green?

As the northeastern part of the United States stumbles toward a real springtime season, some Great Lakes regions are still fighting huge blocks of ice encroaching on the land and homes. Is this “Global Warming.” Made-up science is not science. Who’s to blame for the scenarios created by the “experts?” Why, we are. We are polluters, and therefore guilty of killing the

Is pollution something to be taken seriously? Yes. Clean streets, clean water, clean air are all important. We don’t need to create scenarios worse than reality to realize this. We don’t need new draconian regulations from the EPA which strangle peoples’ ability to even use their own land.

From the might-someday-be-published, “Is God Green?” by Curt Lovelace

News and Views

Matters getting worse for families in Germany

As parents in Germany have protested a new pro-homosexual “sexual diversity” curriculum in their schools, homosexual activists have attacked them by hurling feces and destroying their property, according to the Observathtory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians, which documents anti-Christian incidents in Europe.

Read the rest of the story here.

Tell me, readers, what do you think can be done about such vile actions?