If I were Emperor

In just a few days the Electoral College will convene and confirm the election of President-Elect Donald Trump. There is just one problem. He has not called me yet to fill some post in his administration. So, I will offer to him, free of charge, this post I wrote a presidential election cycle ago (with very few alterations).

If I Were Emperor…

I have become less and less interested in politics in the last couple of presidential cycles. I guess it would be more accurate to say I have been dismayed at the quality of candidates we’ve had. Then I realize that we get the candidates we deserve.

God is in control.

But there are days, like yesterday, when I say things like, “That wouldn’t be a problem if I was King – or Emperor.” Believe me folks, neither you nor I really wish that were true.

But what if….

If I were Emperor…

  • We would not be dependent on foreign oil. We wth-2ould drill on our own land, being careful, of course, not to be destructive. Why is it, I wonder, that compassionate liberals find it wrong to disturb the tundra to drill for oil in our own nation, but think it’s OK to drill in other lands. (See this very current story).
  • English would be the official language of the land. I don’t have a problem with people speaking whatever language they want, but in order to do business, we should speak the same language. As I travel to other countries I find nearly everybody speaking English or wanting to learn. Not Here (unless I was Emperor).
  • We would not be moving toward a planned economy. We would actually learn from the history of the Soviet Union that planned economies do not work. We would recognize that all the former Warsaw Pact nations are striving after capitalism.
  • Illegal immigration would go away. I understand that people still want to come to this country for its many benefits. This Emperor would make sure that they do it legally. All benefits of any kind would be cut off to those who sneak into our country. I recognize that there would be hardships. Compassion would be part of the formula, but….
  • We would have a flat tax of some sort. We would get rid of the thousands (maybe millions) of pages of tax law, and the IRS.
  • We would rid ourselves of much of the bureaucracy which exists in government at all levels. The Education Department would be the first to go.
  • Recognizing that strong fences make good neighbors, I would fund the Department of Defense adequately.
  • I would either fight the war in Afghanistan on terror to win – or get out. We should have learned in VietNam that you cannot fight a war half-heartedly.
  • I would separate church and state. This means that I would not interfere with the religious beliefs of the people unless they constituted a danger to the nation. Remember, I’m the Emperor and I decide what constitutes danger. I would not allow foot washing stations to be built in public places (like airports and schools) at public expense, while denying manger scenes.
  • I would review all government policies having to do with health care. Maybe if the government got out of the way, health care would be more affordable. Did I mention no free health care for illegals?

This is a partial list. What would be on your list?