Not-So-Strange Bedfellows

Not-so-shocking revelations regarding the ties between FBI Director James Comey and the Clinton Foundation, reminded me of a review I wrote some years back of a book about Senator Joe McCarthy. One of the paragraphs I wrote in that review reads this way:

231155Leftist elitism runs rampant in our media, our universities, even in our pulpits today. As during the Cold War, one wonders about the loyalty and even the intelligence of those who offer aid and comfort to the enemies of our nation. For example, what makes today’s liberal think that, if radical revolutionaries –- whether domestic born or foreign controlled — should scuttle the American experiment, that liberals themselves won’t be first in line for membership in the vast left-wing gulag or next on the executioner’s schedule?  (The entire review article can be read here.)

The elites of our nation are no different from the royals of Europe who, in times gone by, intermarried regardless of nationality or supposed loyalties. They only mixed with their own kind. Even in our democratic republic, breaking through the lines of elitism, old school ties (Ivy League, don’t you know), and family money is no easy task.

Will members of the current administration ever be held accountable for their high crimes and misdemeanors? Not likely. But keep the faith.

Despite all this, my friends, God remains in control. Never doubt it.

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