Coram Deo Farm Weekend

A couple of weekends ago, Sandra and I spoke at a conference at a farm in Thorndike, Maine. At the Coram Deo Farm website we find this description of the mission of the farm:

Coram Deo Farm has been established to provide an educational environment for those interested in homesteading and sustainable farming practices. We plan to provide instruction in composting, renewable energy design and installation, husbandry, and organic farming and permaculture.

Our goal is to incorporate homesteading courses in a way that glorifies our creator by applying Biblical principles and theological thought to the practice of self sufficiency. In this process we hope to encourage a young generation of potential farmers to support themselves and be a gracious example among the community by offering a portion of their crops to individuals in need.

At this first weekend of events at the farm, I spoke three times on the topic: “Is God Green?” We talked about the history of “environmentalism,” some of the hot-button topics such as the “greenhouse effect,” global warming/cooling/climate change, and population. Then we addressed the Biblical view on the creation and its Creator and application of Biblical principles.

Of course, we concluded that God is Green.

IMG_0095 (1)

Some twenty-five to thirty adults attended the talks and many children were in attendance. Sandra spoke to a group of women on the topic: “Nurturing an Organic Lifestyle,” addressing the idea of developing a lifestyle of harmony from the inside out. She also introduced the ladies to her Old Testament friend, Naomi.

BTW, we slept in a tent.

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