The Results Are In

There are companies out there whose product is survey results (think Gallup and Barna, for instance). That is not us. Sandra and I, however, did recently post surveys on our blogs to find out who reads what we write, what they like, and what they would like to see more or less of. Here is a quick analysis of what we found out.

  • thThe readers of these blogs (Views from the Loft and JCurtisLovelace) are overwhelmingly female. This comes as no surprise to me, since most of the respondents to the two surveys were readers of Sandra’s excellent blog.
  • The readers are primarily in the 35-64 age range, with equal distribution in that group.
  • Most (but not all) are married with children. Many have adult children.
  • The readers are pretty evenly split regarding work outside the home. There are some retirees in the group.
  • Most of our readers live in the US. However we had folks respond from Africa and Europe. One family describes themselves as Global Nomads. And so they are.
  • Responses to the question about what you like in our blogs were pretty similar. We saw answers such as “honesty,” “realness,” and “EVERYTHING” (the caps were in the original response!). One person wrote, “your authenticity. My heart resonates often.” Another stated, “Humor, honesty, spiritual encouragement.” We are, of course, thrilled and humbled with responses like these.
  • While most people told us that they like the blogs the way they are, there were some suggestions for change. Several folks think that we need to make sure to keep the posts short. Another asks that we give more details about our lives. Bullet-pointed articles were brought up a couple of times. Please notice the format here! We don’t promise this many bullets all the time, but it’s a start! We get it – don’t be long-winded! OK.
  • Many of our readers are also writers. A great many report that they have blogs, themselves. One person reports, “working on it.”
  • Family issues, including child-raising, and aging are challenges to several of our readers. Keeping faith in the face of pain and suffering is another.
  • The almost unanimous answer to the question regarding what would help with the challenges is: PRAYER (caps mine, this time). We commit to pray regularly for our readers. We encourage you to send specific prayer requests. We would also covet your prayers for us. Encouragement from brothers and sisters in Christ was also high on the list.

So, there you have it ladies and gentlemen. This is who you are and what you think in regard to our blogs and our questions. Thank you for the time you invested in this project of ours. We are endeavoring to meet needs through our writing. We are hoping to grow in our efforts to serve you – and others the LORD will bring. Please feel free to share the addresses of our blogs and our social media sites.

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