Oh no, not another one!

OK, I know. I know. I just asked you to do a survey for me less than 10 days ago. The process was so flawed, however, that I have a new – even shorter one for you. This is just for the readers (you two know who you are) of the  blog. The last one involved people at several blogs and websites. We got lots of responses, but cannot separate them out as to which readers answered what. My fault. I haven’t written a real survey since my doctoral thesth-4is, and that was a long time ago.

So, here is the new one. This is EXCLUSIVE for you, my readers. I don’t want all the personal stuff about income, household members, what’s in your medicine cabinet, or whether you own any guns. Just the general stuff telling who you are and what you’d like to see at my blog. I honestly do want to give you content that will be helpful to you – or at least enjoyable.

So, here we go again. Here’s the link to the new and improved, world’s finest survey. Please fill it out soon.

THANK YOU for your kind indulgence.


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