Reading and Writing – Important Diet News

: Chocolate is Good For You!

Chocolate may be good for us because we can’t actually digest it. Various studies over the past decade have shown eating dark chocolate has health benefits. Specifically, it has been linked to a lower risk of heart disease because it contains flavonols. But science has been unclear how these feather20pen20clipartflavonols actually benefit us. Now teams at Virginia Tech and LSU may have discovered why: most of the cocoa bean is indigestible by humans. The undigested cocoa matter is eventually broken down by our gut bacteria. Some is absorbed into the blood stream, where it is known to reduce cardiac inflammation. The remaining cocoa fiber eventually ferments in our lower intestine, releasing substances that improve cholesterol levels, and producing healthful probiotic microbes in the process. That’s so cool and gross at the same time!

Once again we thank for this informative gem.

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