Book Review

“The topic of children in corporate worship is becoming increasingly controversial. Curt and Sandra Lovelace bring a balanced and CIC coverScripturally informed approach to this discussion. They share from their dual experience of being both parents and church leaders. This book is free from caustic grenade throwing, and provides far more light than heat for those who are honestly trying to wrestle through these issues. If you are trying to make sense of the Family-Integrated model, as opposed to the age-segregated model of corporate worship, you need to read “Children in Church.” More than just an abstract treatise, Curt and Sandra give parents practical, hands-on advice about how to lead their children in worship in both the church and the home.

This book is a vital contribution to the discussion of leading children to worship in both the church and the home.”

                                                                                                    -Israel Wayne, Author and Conference Speaker

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